Support & Maintenance plans

We'll look after your website,
while you take care of

Your website. Our responsibility.

Who keeps your website up-to-date?

Who handles security?

Who performs backups?

Who do you call if there’s an issue?

Ultimately, who is responsible for your website?

With our support and maintenance plans, you can relax. Our experts will manage your website’s speed, security, and support needs, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Choose a plan to suit your needs

  • Starter
  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Partner
Unlimited priority support
We're here to answer all your website related questions.
Fixing of minor bugs and errors
We'll squash any minor bugs that come up!
After hours critical support
We'll provide support outside of business hours for any critical-level issues, such as the website going down.
Content updates
Need a quick text change to the website? Swap out an image? We'll allocate time each month for these quick changes.
30 mins / month1 hour / month2 hours / month3 hours / month
Ecommerce support
Does your website sell products or handle online payments? These extra features require an extra level of security and care.
Membership / community support
Does your website allow users to login with their own account? These extra features require an extra level of security and care.
Monthly strategy call
We'll schedule in a monthly call to review and action improvements based on your business needs.
Quarterly website review
We'll thoroughly review your website and suggest where improvements can be made.
WordPress system updates
These are system updates which typically improve security, stability, and occasionally add new features.
Plugin updates
These updates are very important in maintaining the security and stability of your site.
Firewall protection
Block security issues utilising a live updating database of known threats.
Security updates
WordPress and plugin updates featuring security-related fixes are updated as a matter of priority.
Security monitoring
With constant monitoring, our team is alerted to any suspicious activity and will actively investigate.
Premium security
Subscribe to a premium security plugin offering advanced security features and access to live threat protection.
+ $20 / month+ $20 / month
Remote daily backups
Ensure safety and redunancy by storing a complete backup of your site on a secure remote server.
+ $20 / month+ $20 / month
24/7 uptime monitoring
Your website's status is constantly checked, and our team is immediately notified if any issues.
Every 5 minsEvery 5 minsEvery 1 minEvery 1 min
Database optimisation
Your website's database is frequently optimised to ensure it is speedy and stable.
Error log monitoring
The error log for your server is monitored allowing us to pro-actively fix any errors that may be occuring.
Performance monitoring
Your website's resource usage is monitored to ensure the website is speedy and stable.
PageSpeed optimisation
Your Google PageSpeed score is frequently monitored and improved as required.
Search Console optimisation
Your Google Search Console is monitored for errors allowing our team to apply fixes when needed.
404 and redirection monitoring
Your website is frequently scanned for broken links and misdirected pages, and fixed as required.
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  • Add-ons
Australian web hosting+ $30 / month
International web hosting+ $50 / month
Additional content updates allowance+ $80 per hour
Additional development tasks+ $120 per hour
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* All prices are excluding GST


Absolutely. If you’d like to create a bespoke plan to suit your specific needs, please get in touch.

Plans can be invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually (preferred).

Yes, plans can be cancelled at any time. You will be given a prorated refund on the unnused portion of your care plan.

After hours critical support

  • 8am-12am, 7 days a week
  • High priority (server-down) issues will be rectified within four hours.


Priority support

  • 9am-5pm, during business days
  • Medium priority issues (display issues, broken functionality) will be fixed within 24 hours.
  • Low priority, routine tasks will be completed within 48 hours.


Realistically most issues are triaged and resolved quicker than this, especially issues relating to server/website downtime.

We will be your first point of call should something go wrong with your website. We will determine the source of the issue and investigate how it will be resolved.

Get the website support you need